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2015 Global and Urban Partnerships

Please note we are still in the process of finalizing details for some of our 2015 partnerships.


Project Description: Lead school and youth groups at camp while learning about leadership, faith and team dynamics.

Open to: Students from Calgary, AB. and Regina, SK.

Location: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Dates: April 27-June 28, 2015

Application Deadline: March 15, 2015

Cost: $2,000

Staff Contact: Kyle McLean | Vanessa Kordupel


Cambridge, England Partnership

Project Description: Learn about God’s love and how to love our neighbor by reaching out to international students at Cambridge University from more than 60 countries.

Open to: TBD

Location: Cambridge, England

Dates: June 30-July 23, 2015

Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2015

Cost: $3,750

Staff Contact: James Siebert


Guatemala Global Partnership (University)

Project Description: Hands on vocational ministry, working alongside the rural poor. 

Open to:  University students from across Canada

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Dates: July 25-Aug. 10, 2015

Application Deadline:  Feb 15, 2015

Cost: $3,000

Staff Contact: Andrea Pearce | Tim Heath | Charis Goh  


Montreal Urban Partnership

Project Description:  Seek the shalom of the city together, and learn about Jesus’ view of justice. 

Open to: TBD

Location: Montreal, Que.


Dates: June 27-Aug. 1, 2015

Application Deadline:  Feb. 15, 2015

Cost: $2000

Staff Contact: Steve Schalm   


Ontario Pioneer Camp Jamaica Partnership

Project Description:Learn to be a leader and a global servant by working at camp in Canada and in Jamaica. We are partnering with IFES Jamaica who will place us at a camp in that country.

Open to:  High School students (age 16+) across Canada

Location:Muskoka, Ontario and Kingston, Jamaica

Dates:July 29-Aug. 29. 2015

Application Deadline: April 15, 2015

Cost: $3,700

Staff Contact: Ben Bokma | Joel Murphy | Steve Colby 


Toronto Arts Partnership

Project Description: Be part of a generation of student artists seeking justice, speaking truth, transforming city.

Open to: University students from across Canada

Location: Toronto, On.

Dates:  May 9-June 12, 2015

Application Deadline:  Jan. 31, 2015

Cost: $2,500 (price includes Mark Camp and flights)

Staff Contact: Fiona Jack | Kristen Westwood | Andrew Morinaga  


Several Global Partnerships not listed publicly on this site.
For information please contact administrator Julie Linden at




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