Letter to Parents

Parents of Campers,

I believe in Christian camping! I say that not only from the perspective of a leader, but also from personal experience. I too have been a camper and subsequently, a parent of campers. I became a Christian in 1967 at a Pioneer Camp. With each following year, I continued to learn and grow in faith, thanks to the extra-ordinary kingdom leaders I met there. Eventually, I began to work with Inter-Varsity and Pioneer Camps so I could pass on what had been given me. Did you know that statistics show that when a young child trusts Jesus before the age of 13, he or she is more likely to stay with Him for life? That’s certainly been my story. I hope it will be your child’s story, too.

Larry Offner
Director of Inter-Varsity Camping Ministry
Pioneer Camps

Parents of Campers,

Sending your child to summer camp for the first time can be unnerving. My wife and I felt that way when we took our son for his first, week-long Circle Square Ranch experience. He was only six! The funny thing was that our son didn’t seem to have the same anxieties we did… within 15 minutes of us dropping him off, he was running around with his new-found friends!

Our son kept going back to camp year after year, partly because of his friends, but also because of the staff. These well-trained, skilled and friendly young adults are passionate about showing children that they are loved and accepted. They love welcoming campers back year after year and watching them discover that God has an extraordinary destiny for each one of them.

Bruce Mann
Director of Inter-Varsity Camping Ministry
Circle Square Ranches

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